by Ose

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released January 30, 2017

L. - Guitar, bass, vocals
C. - Drums

Art by Logan Clark



all rights reserved


Ose Raleigh, North Carolina

Black metal from NC


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Track Name: Mastery and Dominion
Mastery and dominion

What see you on the astral plain
Desire sealed in blood and fire
Thoughts grow darker by the day
As you begin the impure ways

Envoys sent
Qliphothic wretch
Track Name: Solve Et Coagula
Cosmic knowledge
Beastial thirsting
Thousand nesting
Learning hunger

The speech of the seraph
Echoes through the abyss
Serpent's grim folded path
Holy writ inverted

Blinding nausea
Sights not past the eyes
Solve et coagula
Transmutation sorrow form

Star aligned goetic rights
Bestowing wisdom and might
Grimoire lifts the faceless veil
Spirits bound in fealty
Track Name: Tower of the Satyr
The chronic state of horror
Limitless its depth
Infects the mind like a sickness
And draws the human to its end

The orb aglow is scrying
Satyr plots his feasting
In the tower of witchcraft
Black the seeds to be sown

Bed of silken murder
Stained with ritual hate
Defeated is the hope
Crush Solomon's gate

Cast out the will of my own god
Thirst for its knowledge and its throat


Soul gone from my chest
Brainless the endless breath
Track Name: Voided Throne
Broken thrones within dead space
My kingdom to my pleasure
Jeweled emperor of disgrace
Godless secretes beyond measure
The world in peril
Starless the eyes of kings
Blind to the charms of heaven
Sworn by dark rights of magic
Track Name: Invocation
There is nothing left of you
There is nothing left of me
This death that we're coming to
Demands us to praise and sing
Praise his name with twisted words
Born under no realm of earth
Offer blood the bark and branch
Madness brought with our own hand

Praying for their suffering
Endlessly we sing the chants